600 factories in the "Barkan" settlement pollute the lives of the citizens

 Settlements spread in the West Bank, polluting the environment and its components are air, soil and water, and settler factories and Israeli waste are buried and disposed of in landfills in the West Bank.

Barkan settlement factories, north of the West Bank in Salfit, are considered one of the largest pollutants in the region and the disease is grown in the bodies of the people of the nearby villages.

"This is a war crime carried out by the occupying power in killing the environment with all its components, and transporting contaminated waste that needs to be destroyed in private landfills at high cost on random landfills in the West Bank," said Dr. Jad Ishaq, the director of the Applied Research Institute in Areej. The settlers ’factories for the Palestinian environment, such as the army of Jishore and the industrial areas in the settlement of Ariel, the volcano factories and other random dumpsites, and what is required is an immediate approach to the national authority of the International Criminal Court, because what the occupation is doing amounts to a war crime that is governed by international law.

He added: "The settlers are pumping unknown toxic materials whose damages are not known. There are no bodies that examine what is happening on the ground and the environment authority demanding the disclosure of these materials and their general harm to the environment, because the occupation is completely condemned in this file, because the world today does not accept such crimes. Whatever it is, you are influenced and supported by great powers. "

Specialists also affirmed that Berkane factories and Ariel settlement cultivate the disease in the bodies of citizens, through cancer cases in the villages near these factories, according to what was reported by the mayor of Salfit Abdel Karim Zubeidi.

Salfit Governor Abdullah Kamil confirmed, in a press interview, that settlers are committing a crime on the ground, and the security services have dumped an Israeli driver driving a truck loaded with waste coming from Tel Aviv to dispose of it in the lands of Salfit Governorate.

The settlement specialist, Muhammad Zaid, said: “The settlements consider Palestinian lands as valleys and areas planted with landfills for their waste produced by their factories. It is being held to account for the occupying power, as factories inside the Palestinian state dispose of toxic waste by transporting them on licensed dumpsites, and three thousand dollars are paid per barrel, while a toxic waste container is disposed of in the West Bank landfills at a cost of up to 200 shekels. , With great harm to the soil, trees, water, groundwater, and many tests have proven damage to pollutants produced by settlers factories. "

"These factories have polluted the soil and trees for us, and they have dried up and stiffened from the presence of these factories in the industrial area of ​​the Emmanuel settlement. They confiscated the land and spread ruins on our lands, and we cannot do anything in the face of this crime," says Mahmoud Eid, from the Emanuel factories near the village of Jinsafout, east of Qalqilya. ".

As for the official of the settlement file in Qalqilya Governorate, Muhammad Abu Al Sheikh said, “Qalqilya Governorate and Salfit Governorate are among the areas most affected by pollution from settler factories. The occupation has allowed settlers to establish huge settlement factories that export their products to the countries of the world, and the Palestinian pays the harsh tax due to the existence of these factories. It now has more industrial areas than the industrial zones in the Palestinian interior. "


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