90 Israeli violations against journalists last month

The Journalists' Syndicate has confirmed the escalation of violations and crimes against journalists over the past month.
The monthly report of the union's freedoms committee in a press release issued saturday evening revealed 90 violations by the occupation against the Palestinian press, which resulted in injuries of about 15 hospitals for treatment.

The union explained that the most serious of these cases occurred in the village of Surif, north of Hebron, when the Israeli army targeted photojournalist Moaz Amarna with a bullet that lost his left eye, in addition to injuring 10 other colleagues by israeli gunfire.

She noted the apparent targeting of gas bombs and sound of journalists directly into their bodies, and caused various injuries to some of them, while 23 others suffered severe asphyxiation from inhalation of poison gas.

It showed the rise in the level of institutional intrusion and confiscation of equipment, as happened with the company al-Cedar service service to Palestine TV, which was targeted with its staff in Jerusalem with a series of widespread violations, as well as the arrest of 3 colleagues and 4 summonses, while 21 cases of detention were monitored, and journalists and crews were prevented. In addition, the occupation continued to target journalists in the Gaza Strip with all kinds of brutality, including live bullets.

With regard to the targeting of the facebook administration as well as whatsapp, the Committee monitored more than 100 incidents in reference to the high security and political coordination between these sites and the Israeli occupation regime, with the aim of targeting the Palestinian narrative in the face of the continued lies of the occupation.

In terms of internal violations, no violations have been recorded in the West Bank, while many violations have been recorded in the Gaza Strip;

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