The US House of Representatives votes in favor of a two-state solution

The US House of Representatives on Friday afternoon voted in favor of the HR resolution. Sentence. Sentence 326 Commits the Council to seeking Palestinian - Israeli peace based on a two - state solution.

A total of 226 deputies voted in favor and 118 deputies voted against the resolution, which included members of both parties in both cases.

"This resolution expresses the House's feeling that only a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can guarantee Israel's survival as a secure Jewish and democratic state and realize the legitimate aspirations of a Palestinian state. It also expresses the feeling that any US proposal for a just solution A stable and lasting must explicitly endorse the two-state solution and demonstrate the steps that would put a peaceful solution out of reach. "

The resolution also opposes Israel's unilateral annexation of the occupied West Bank or parts of the occupied West Bank, and reaffirms the old US opposition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

In a press briefing held by US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Shanker at the State Department building, the assistant secretary refused to comment on the vote, but he answered a question about whether Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed in Lisbon with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday, annexed a region Occupied Jordan Valley, saying that Netanyahu did not make any proposals to annex parts of the West Bank to the US Secretary of State.

It is not known when the resolution will be submitted to the Senate and voted on to become law.


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