45 violations against journalists last November

During the month of November, the Committee to Support Journalists recorded 41 Israeli violations of the right to work between targeting, arresting and preventing coverage, and the closure of media offices, websites and web pages, which were offset by four violations committed by Palestinian authorities in the West Bank. And Gaza.

The Committee considered in its monthly report that these violations indicate a significant and serious deterioration in the level of media freedoms, which requires the action of human rights and media institutions to stop the policy of targeting and prosecution.

The Committee stated that the occupation arrested five journalists, Hamad Taqatqa, Ahmad Tanouh, writer Ali Jaradat, and director of the office of "rice" media Ayman Abu Ramoz, and journalist Ahmed Safadi, who was released on bail worth 5,000 shekels, and deported from Salah al-Din Street in Jerusalem for a period 15 days, and prevent him from participating in the filming of any activity or sit-in.

The occupation forces summoned the correspondent of "Palestine TV" Christine Rinawi, and the general manager of the company "rice" Nizar Younis for investigation, and detained the journalist Magdi Ashtiyeh, with the confiscation of his identity card and keys to his car after searching.

The occupation court also extended the detention of Birzeit University media student, Mais Abu Ghosh, for the second time.

On the level of targeting and injuries, the report recorded the targeting of 19 journalists, including 15 in the occupied West Bank during their coverage of the field events, including photographer Moaz Amarneh, who was hit by a bullet lost his left eye, while four metal bullets in the Gaza Strip.

On the other side, Israeli forces raided the office of Palestine TV in occupied Jerusalem, and raided the house of writer Ali Jaradat.

Regarding the obstruction of journalists' work and preventing them from covering, the report recorded five cases of prevention, including preventing journalists from solidarity with wounded journalist Muath Amarneh, preventing two journalists from Gaza on the eastern fence of Khan Younis from preparing a report for them, as well as preventing journalist Ahmad Safadi from covering activities And events.

The report also recorded a case of harassment against the family of the wounded journalist Amarna and prevent them from traveling, although they are not forbidden security.

In the context of the fight against Palestinian content by social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter, the report recorded dozens of cases, including the closure of the accounts of the agency "Quds Press", and stop the page of government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem, and delete the page of journalist Mohammed Turkman, and delete the page "News Palestine", He removed Fatima Turki's publications, and deleted the Dawes news page.

Also banned "WhatsApp" accounts of hundreds of Palestinian journalists, who follow the events, and publish news of the aggression, "Israeli" on the Gaza Strip, where they received messages from the management of WhatsApp stating that they are prohibited from accessing application services.


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