Prisoners of Palestine: a martyr and 360 arrests in November

According to the Center for "prisoners of Palestine" for studies, that the Israeli occupation forces carried out last November 360 arrests; including 8 against women and 58 children.

The Center for Human Rights in a statement on Sunday, the martyrdom of the prisoner Sami Abu Diak inside the prisons of the occupation as a result of medical negligence.

He said seven arrests were made of citizens from the Gaza Strip, including two traders arrested at the Beit Hanoun crossing.

He pointed to the arrest of two fishermen while working in the fishing off the coast of Rafah, and two other young men were arrested on the pretext of crossing the wire separation east of the Gaza Strip.

"During the past month, the occupation arrested Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith several times, and summoned him for an interview several times, as well as the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi al-Hadmi after the attack on him."

Abizaid and: "The occupation forces continued to target women last month of detention, where the arrests amounted to 8; including Ms. Kifah Amouri, mother of the prisoner Wissam Hanoun, during his visit to Megiddo prison."

He pointed out that he monitored 58 cases of detention of children during the past month, the youngest child Basil Hani Ashour (10 years) from Khirbet Qalqis in Hebron, during his return from school, and child Reza Mohammed Jawabra (11 years), from Al-Aroub camp north of Hebron.

The Center, that the list of martyrs of the captive movement rose in November to 222 martyrs, after the martyrdom of the prisoner Sami Ahed Abu Diak (37 years), in the "hospital Ramla prison" as a result of medical negligence.

Abu Diak was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to life imprisonment three times. When he was arrested, he was not suffering from any illnesses. He suffered a medical error after undergoing surgery at Soroka Hospital in Israel.

The two prisoners continue to battle the empty intestines in protest against their administrative detention without charge, namely Musab Tawfiq al-Hindi (29 years) from the village of Tal west of Nablus for the 69th day in a row, and Ahmed Omar Zahran (42 years) and the striker for the next 71 days, and their health is in serious danger.

According to the data published by the "prisoners of Palestine", the occupation authorities continued to issue administrative detention decisions, and the Center counted the issuance of the occupation courts moot 74 decisions, including 40 new for the first time and 34 renewal of periods of detention, and ranged between 2 to 6 months.


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