Commission 302 calls on the United Nations to cancel the decision to partition Palestine

The 302 Commission for the Defense of Refugee Rights called on the United Nations on Friday to cancel the partition of Palestine, calling it a "false and illegal" decision.

In a statement, she said that genuine and strategic solidarity with the Palestinian people lies in a bold decision by the United Nations General Assembly to write off the fake and illegal resolution 181 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 29 November 1947.

He recommended dividing Palestine into three sections: an Arab state by 42.88% and a Jewish state by 55.47%, and that Jerusalem and Bethlehem by 0.65% remain under international tutelage.

According to the "302", that resolution 181 was one of the reasons for the displacement of about 935 thousand Palestinians from their homes have become refugees in various countries of the world.

She pointed out that the number of refugees in 2019 reached more than 8 million refugees who want to return, the vast majority of them are in the five areas of UNRWA operations.

She stressed the importance of establishing the presence of UNRWA as one of the key witnesses to the Nakba of Palestine and the issue of Palestinian refugees and their right to return.

She called on the General Assembly to vote to extend the mandate of UNRWA for three years during the voting session to be held early next month.




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