With the martyrdom of Abu Diak .. The number of martyrs of the captive movement rises to 222 martyrs

 The Israeli Occupation Detention Administration announced on Tuesday the death of the sick prisoner Sami Abu Diak from Silat Al-Dahr village south of Jenin.

He said that during 2019, the occupation killed five prisoners, including the prisoner Abu Diak, along with the prisoner Faris Baroud, Omar Awni Younis, and Nassar Taqatqa and Bassam Sayeh.

The number of prisoners killed by the occupation as a result of deliberate medical negligence, reached (67) prisoners since 1967, according to the prisoner club, pointing out that the occupation is still holding the bodies of martyrs Aziz Oweisat, Fares Baroud, and supporters of Taqatqa and Bassam Sayeh.

He said that there are about 700 sick prisoners, of whom 200 suffer from a chronic condition and need urgent medical follow-up, and at least ten cases of cancer.

There are approximately 5,000 prisoners in Israeli jails, according to the Prisoners' Club.


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