Intentional medical violation of three prisoners in Israeli detention

In a report issued today, the Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority warned of the continuation of the policy of medical violations by the Israeli occupation detention centers against the sick prisoners, deliberately ignoring their diseases and leaving them prey to aches.

In this context, the Prisoners' Committee documented three medical conditions in the Israeli jails. One of them was Mohammed Daoud (25 years), from Qalqilya city, who is in Majdou prison. Operation But the site of the injury is still suffering from severe pain and tingles in the head and constant dizziness, and despite his suffering the administration of the detainee only give him soothing and sedative drugs without providing real treatment for his poor health.

While the administration of Gilboa detention center continues to neglect the health status of the prisoner Bashar Shawahneh (45 years) from the town of al-Sailah al-Harithiya, west of Jenin. For the operation.

Samar Abu Zaher, 36, from Khan Yunis, who suffers from high blood sugar and pressure, needs medical attention.


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