18 human rights organizations demand Rivlin to stop Netanyahu´s incitement against Palestinians inside

18 human rights organizations in Israel submitted a petition on Tuesday demanding that Israeli President Reuven Rivlin work to stop the incitement of the Likud leader, interim Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, against the Palestinians and members of the Common list in the Knesset.

According to the Israeli Army Radio, these leftist organizations, some of them from within the Arab world, considered the silence on the statements incited by Netanyahu and the Likud leadership against the Palestinians as support for this large incitement campaign that threatens the lives of Palestinians and members of the joint list.

They called on Rivlin to take action and take a clear and public position on this campaign, which they described as dangerous.

The Arabic-language channel Makan reported that Adalah sent a letter to the Attorney General of the Israeli government, Avihai Mandelblit, requesting him, on behalf of the Joint List, to order a criminal investigation against Netanyahu, on the ground of incitement against Palestinian citizens in general and against members of the list in particular and racist.

According to the letter, Netanyahu continues to incite racist and systematic incitement against the Palestinians, their political leadership and their representatives in parliament, most recently at the Likud conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday, calling Palestinian deputies "supporters of terrorism" and supporting those who seek to exterminate the Jewish people during the war.

Adalah said that "the incitement of Netanyahu is very dangerous because he has been leading a large party and has been the prime minister for 10 years, and exploits his position and the great authority granted to him to incite against Palestinian citizens and deputies of the joint list, although he knows very well that these statements will be widespread and will greatly incite his voters. And his supporters. "

The head of the list, Ayman Odeh, said that Netanyahu is trying to ignite a civil war, but he will not succeed in fueling the fire of hatred.

"In the history of the state, there was no prime minister who tried to gain political gains from incitement to hatred, dissent and racism."


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