"Apple " will broadcast its annual announcement via social media website

Washington _ Agencies

The American company  "Apple " decided to broadcast its annual announcement, about its latest electronic products through the social networking site  "Twitter ", in an unprecedented step.

Apple has published a tweet this morning, inviting it to join the event, which will be broadcast live on the Internet at 05:00 GMT, according to the British newspaper "The Independent", according to Sky News Arabia.

Apple announces its new devices at this time each year, and this year's conference will be held on the stage of "Steve Jobs " in California.

The most obvious speculation is that Apple will release three new mobile devices (iphone x s) and iphone x S Plus, which will be the largest iphone handset launched by the company with a 6.5-inch screen size.

It will include a new Apple Watch  "Apple clock 4 " and a device  "ipad x ", as well as a modern version of (Airpods), but all this remains under uncertain speculation.

Apple sold 41 million devices with a market share of 12 percent, and its profit by the end of the first half of 2018 was about 11.5 billion dollars.

Apple technology is the first U.S. company, in early August, worth $1 trillion after the share price exceeded 207 dollars.


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