´ Islamic Cooperation ´ calls on Washington to review the decision of the PLO´s closure

Jeddah _ Agencies

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said Wednesday that the decision to close the PLO's office in Washington does not serve the chances of peace, contradicts the responsibilities of the United States of America as a super-power, and undermines the efforts to resolve the two countries.

In a statement, the organization called on the Government of the United States of America to reconsider the resolution, noting that Washington had sponsored peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis and played a pivotal role in advancing the peace process.

"The United States of America is expected to review its recent positions, which will only make a move away from the path of peace," she said.

The Islamic cooperation has renewed its support for the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, in its endeavours to find a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian question and to restore the rights of the Palestinian people by all means provided by international legality, in accordance with the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and decisions of the United Arab


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