Israeli Security Minister: Army will operate freely and without restrictions in Gaza

Israel's new Security Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed that the Israeli army will operate freely and without restrictions, noting that Operation Black Belt in Gaza has established new and clear rules of the game.

Following his meeting with the Israeli army command to assess the situation, he added that the aggression against Gaza could resume, and that "at this stage, this is not over. Only actions on the ground will determine that. The new rules of the game are clear: the Israeli army will operate freely, without any restrictions." "The saboteur who tries to target The Citizens of Israel will not be able to sleep quietly, not at home, in his bed, or in any hiding place," said Bennett, an interim security minister. I ask the public to continue to be alert and listen in the near hours."

According to the Israeli army, five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, a few hours after the ceasefire came into effect.

"Five rocket-propelled grenades were observed from the Gaza Strip, towards Israel, and the Iron Dome system was able to intercept two missiles," said Idf spokesman Avikhai Adairi.

The Israeli government defended its ceasefire agreement on Thursday morning with the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza, brokered by Egypt, in the face of criticism from the "opposition."

After supporting Israeli attacks on Gaza, opposition leader Benny Gantz, a prominent leader of his "Blue White" party, sharply criticized the ceasefire agreement, which came into effect Thursday morning.

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