Israeli authorities decide to release Palestinian journalist on bail

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

An Israeli military court on Wednesday issued a decision to release the journalist Ali Dar Ali, a Palestinian (official) correspondent in Ramallah.

The "Ofer " Military court in south-west of Ramallah decided to release the journalist "Dar Ali" on bail, said the committee of Prisoners and Editors (official rights) in a statement on Thursday.

According to the Human Rights Commission, the occupation issued a decision to release Dar Ali after the time spent in the occupation prisons, 40 days, and a financial guarantee of 2,500 shekels (US $695).

The statement quoted the head of the Family and Editors affairs authority, General Kadri Abu Bakr, as saying that Ali Dar Ali was sentenced to 40 days in prison and a fine of 2,500 shekels, and that the day had been completed 40 days and would come out later in the day after payment of bail.

Abu Bakr said that the occupation authorities continue to arrest 21 Palestinian journalists, who are expelled:  "We are working with international institutions to put an end to attacks on journalists and to combat the ideology, word and image of the occupation forces against journalists."

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Ali Dar Ali, 34, after storming his home in the village of Burham, north of the northern city of Ramallah, at dawn on the 15th August August.

The occupation authorities directed the journalist "Ali " to charge "inciting" through social media sites and to portray the occupation army.


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