Netanyahu: We are changing the equation

Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday evening that "Israel has chosen the right timing in the assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu al-Atta ," adding that his government is changing the equation
This came during a telephone conversation on Wednesday, Netanyahu conducted with Israeli mayors in the Gaza envelope , in conjunction with the Israeli escalation on the Gaza Strip.

 Abizaid and Netanyahu: "We are changing the equation," leaders of the organizations and elements know that they are in Marmana and that we can work against them everywhere and they understand this message well, "he said.
The prime minister added that his government decided to reinforce the deterrence force in new ways that the Palestinians had not imagined. According to him.
"They are firing rockets from inside populated areas while at the same time hiding behind the backs of civilians," Netanyahu claimed.
"I highly value your steadfastness, your support and the support of the population," Netanyahu told the heads of local councils in the Gaza envelope.
Netanyahu asked the Israelis to obey the instructions of what he called the "Home Front Command," and instructed his acting director Ronen Peretz to stay in touch with the heads of local authorities and help them with everything they needed.
The heads of the "local authorities" expressed support for Netanyahu for the military operation and said that the towns of the Gaza envelope have witnessed in recent years a significant growth and population growth estimated at tens of percent.

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