3 Prisoners continue hunger strike

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Palestinian prisoners ' club said on Wednesday that three prisoners in the Israeli occupation camps have been on hunger strike for more than five weeks, including: Omran al-Khatib from Gaza, Jamal Alqom from Bethlehem and Khader Adnan from Jenin.

Al-Assir said in a statement that the prisoner al-Khatib, 60, has been on hunger strike for the past 39 days, demanding his early release, while Al-Assir has been on strike for 15 days, refusing to detain him, and prisoner Adnan has been a hunger strikers for 11 days, refusing to detain him arbitrarily.

The prisoner's club stated that the prisoner of al-Khatib was sentenced to life imprisonment and (12) years, and that he had a life of 45 years, of which 21 years, and the captive Alqom, a former prisoner who spent a total of about 13 years in the occupation camps, as well as captive Adnan, a former prisoner who spent years in the occupation camps and carried out Strikes against his administrative detention.


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