The funeral of the martyr Omar al-Badawi in al-Aroub camp

In Hebron, masses of the martyr Omar Haitham al-Badawi, 22, were buried on Monday evening.


Al-Badawi was martyred by the Israeli occupation bullets in clashes that erupted at the entrance of the camp north of Hebron this afternoon.

The funeral procession proceeded from Al-Ahli Hospital to his home, and after his family took a final farewell look at him, the mourners performed the funeral prayers on the body in the camp mosque before being buried in the tomb of martyrs.

Participants in the funeral procession, which roamed the streets of the camp, Palestinian flags, chanting slogans condemning the Israeli crimes against unarmed citizens, children, women and the elderly, calling on the world to intervene and stand with our people who are subjected to continued Israeli aggression.


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