In Palestine, olive trees are surrounded by security gates and settlers are stealing their fruits

The olive season in Palestine is under unprecedented occupation in the world.

This year, many farmers and specialists stressed that the occupation no longer deprives farmers of their isolated land behind the wall, but located outside it in an unprecedented step of the guards of settlements and patrols of the occupation.

Bashar al-Qaryouti, an activist and settlement specialist, tells the story of farmers this year bitterly: "The farmer is no longer able to harvest the olive fruits located in areas" B "which is administratively controlled by the Palestinian Authority, and the maps have been changed. Formatting in advance before accessing this has not happened in the past.

Occupation of the settlers and the army is no longer confined to the lands classified as “C”.

In Salfit, the scene is even more painful for women and the elderly, who stand for hours in front of racist security gates waiting to be allowed into their lands to pick olives.

Farmer Abdullah Odeh, 65, says the olive harvest is no longer a ritual and Palestinian joy. As for the exit, the olive fruit complains about the injustice of the occupiers and the farmers feel helpless in front of these measures. "

He added: "Our scene as we enter the gate is similar to prisoners entering the sections of their prison, and when you reach the field the bodies have been exhausted as a result of waiting and waking up early and arriving late to pick fruit."

The director general of the Directorate of Agriculture in Qalqilya, Eng. Many farmers are stealing olive fruits and when they reach their isolated land they do not find fruit on the fray. These lands are open to settlers, which are easily accessible from their settlements by the army security gates.

The farmer Khalil Tuktuk of Salfit said after he lost his mind when he saw the theft of olive fruits from his land by the settlers, leaving behind the sticks they destroyed the olive tree and said in an interview: My will to all farmers not to leave their land even if they stole the fruits and destroy the trees, this is the will of the ancestors of us all .. to be as challenging.


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