Arrested 10 youths including journalist Ibrahim Rantisi from Ramallah

RAMALLAH-Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation forces arrested a journalist from Ramallah and carried out raids and detentions in various parts of the West Bank.

According to local sources, the journalist Ibrahim Rantisi was arrested by an occupation force from his home in the town of Rantis in the Ramallah district after being raided by the House, the sixth journalist arrested within a week.

The occupation forces arrested the young man, Abdullah Nidal, from the family home in the town of Deir I am sick, west of Hebron, while Sheikh Firas Abu Sharkh was arrested from his home in the city of Hebron.

Also from Hebron, Israeli occupying forces arrested Hazem Jibril Jiawi of the west and Ibrahim al-Najjar from al-Fawar camp in the south.

IoF raided the village of Deir Abu Meshaal, west of Ramallah, destroyed the home of Abdullah al-Ardoni and arrested the youth Ibrahim Riad.

The area of Jabal al-Nowarah in Bethlehem was raided by Israeli occupation patrols, which searched the territories there, and arrested Shadi, Ibrahim and Maher Obaidullah al-Nuwra.

Clashes erupted in the town of Azzoun, east of Qalqilya, and the occupation was captured from the city of Ehab Abu Hamid and Tariq Salma.

The president of the Al-Quds Committee of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Adnan Ghaith, was arrested after storming his house in the occupied Jerusalem town of Silwan last night.


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