Sixteen migrants were found in a truck in the Netherlands before heading to Britain

The Hague - 16 illegal immigrants, including four minors, have been found hiding in a truck as they prepared to board a ferry from a Dutch city to England, Dutch police said Wednesday.

"Royal police found 16 foreigners in a truck in Imauden," the city on the Dutch west coast, police said in a statement.

She explained that the truck was carrying spare parts of cars and foreigners hid among them.

He said the 45-year-old Turkish truck driver called security personnel before the ferry sailed to indicate he had heard a fuss inside the truck.

Police found four minors, a woman and 11 men of different nationalities.

A police investigation was opened. The driver was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, the statement said.

On October 23, 39 migrants were found dead in a refrigerated truck near London in a tragedy that shook the world and highlighted highly organized illegal migration routes in Europe. The container arrived from Belgium.

In Greece, 41 immigrants were found alive in a refrigerated truck, Greek police said Monday.


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