Protest in Gaza to demand compensation for those affected by 2014 aggression

Dozens of residents in Khanyounis in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday staged a vigil in front of UNRWA headquarters to demand compensation for damage to their homes and property during the 2014 Israeli aggression.

The demonstrators carried banners calling on the UNRWA administration to stop stalling and to speed up the payment of compensation to them, questioning the fate of the donor funds that UNRWA had received for the file.

Salah al-Najjar, a spokesman for the victims, said that since the end of the Israeli aggression in 2014, they have not received any funds from UNRWA after the damage was confined to their homes. He noted that 1,000 homes need edited repairs.

Residents are on the verge of winter and have been waiting for five years to make up for the damage, he said. He noted that many of these houses will be flooded in winter because they are not compensated for repairing the damage.

He noted that some residents had been forced to borrow to repair damage to their homes in the hope that UNRWA promised to pay them compensation, be reimbursed and became in debt.

Al-Najjar called on unrwa management and all those responsible for the damage scare file to take serious action to end their suffering.

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