The occupation refuses to allow a German parliamentarian to enter the Gaza Strip

Israeli authorities prevented, on Thursday, a member of the German parliament from entering the Gaza Strip; without providing any justification or justification for the ban.

The German MP, Achim Kessler, in a statement today, that the government of Tel Aviv refused his request to enter the Gaza Strip. Stressing that the occupation also prevented the German representative in the Palestinian territories from visiting humanitarian institutions in surprise.

"The visit was scheduled to last two days, during which we will inspect German-funded institutions to promote development cooperation, water and health care, " Kessler said .

He continued: "What applies to German military bases in Turkey should apply similarly to German humanitarian projects in Gaza." He appealed to the Government of Germany "strongly object to the continued refusal of the Israeli government to give German delegations visas to travel to the Gaza Strip . "

The German MP noted "the repeated attempts by the Israeli government to hide the disastrous situation in the Gaza Strip from the eyes of the world." Referring to violations by the occupation in regard to the file of patients and allow them to travel for treatment.

"Contaminated water in Gaza poses an enormous health risk to the population there, which is why I planned to visit a water plant financed by the German government worth 85 million euros. This plant is very existential given the importance of supplying the people of Gaza with water."

"It is unacceptable for the Israeli government to continue to intervene in these projects and to reject requests for the import of construction materials . "

"I will continue to hold meetings with experts, including officials in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, to discuss health care and seek to visit the Gaza Strip as soon as possible . "


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