Arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli forces launched a campaign of arrests in different cities in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the former prisoner Mohammed Issa Hussein from the village of Mazraa al-Gharbiya northwest of Ramallah, and the young Mustafa Tayseer from the village of Deir Abu Mashaal in the west and the young Rabi'a Abu al-Nawas from Singel north, while clashes broke out in the town of Abu Qash district of the city.

In Hebron, Israeli soldiers arrested former prisoner Fadi Ibrahim Shaheen and his brothers Nour and Shadi from their homes in the village of Wad al-Shajneh in the southwest of the city. They also arrested Mohammed Rifaat al-Sulaibi from the town of Beit Ummar in the north.

In Bethlehem, Khalil Qassem al-Sheikh and Qassem al-Sheikh were arrested from the city, along with another young man near the DCO camp west of Beit Jala.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Yazan Ibrahim Marar, Tariq Issa Hussein, Musa Ali Hussein and Saeed Mustafa Daoud from Beit Duqqu, northwest of Jerusalem, while several houses were raided in the town of Anata, northeast of the occupied city.

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