The occupation demolishes a house under construction in Taibeh

Al-Quds website reported that Arab bulldozers demolished a house under construction under the pretext of building without permits.

"The demolition order was issued about two years ago," said the home owner, Mahmoud Masarweh. "We tried repeatedly to avoid it and freeze it in court, and every time we had a temporary freeze until the last time the court refused to freeze."

He added: "This is a brutal policy, and the house built on the land of my own property, and there is no reason for the demolition, but it is only a political."

The municipality condemned the demolition of the house this morning, pointing out that the Qatari building control unit fueled by large police forces, demolished the foundations despite the existence of preliminary planning for the area, under the pretext of unauthorized construction.

The municipality added that the municipality has submitted several engineering proposals to save the demolished, but the brutal authorities refused to implement their plans of the policy of demolition and displacement.

The municipality held the responsibility for the government and the Qatari institution, especially with the engineering proposals submitted to the planning departments to save the house.

He also called on the people of Taibeh not to give the occupation the opportunity to infiltrate the fascination between the people of one country and the same people.

It is noteworthy that the house file is still in the courts where it is being deliberated, while the court rejected all the proposed solutions to freeze the demolition order.


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