Settler crimes rise in the West Bank .. The army accuses politicians of protecting them

There has been a noticeable rise in settler crimes against Palestinians and members of the Israeli army deployed in the West Bank, Israeli reports said Wednesday.

According to the site "Walla" Hebrew, that since the beginning of this year has been recorded more than 150 events described as "terrorist" by settlers in the northern West Bank, noting that 30 of them against elements of the army and police occupation, and the rest against the Palestinians.

The website pointed out that these figures constitute an important point and indicate the escalation of events in the West Bank compared to what happened in the past two years, during which those events amounted to only 50 events.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, senior officers in the army and police complained that the leaders of the settlements turn a blind eye to those settlers, and complained about the conflicting instructions of the political level on how to deal with them.

"They feel that the settlers are fighting them by protecting their representatives in the Knesset at the expense of security considerations," said one senior officer, referring to ministers and Knesset members who support those settlers and work to fulfill their wishes through the political level.

Another officer said, `` We are hesitating not to reach friction with the settlers, '' adding that the phenomenon of violence for young hills begins by ignoring illegal outposts, harming Palestinians, damaging their property, arson and vandalism, and then affecting soldiers.

A number of former officers who served in these areas also complained about the protection that "hilltop youth" received from settler leaders and some politicians.

The newspaper pointed to the occurrence of several attacks in recent days by settlers against Palestinians and soldiers of the Israeli army in the area of ​​the settlement of "Yitzhar" near Nablus.


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