Fraouna: 7 prisoners were martyred in Israeli jails because of the policy of repression

-Abdul-Nasser Farwana, a researcher in the affairs of Palestinian prisoners, said on Tuesday that seven of the prisoners in the Israeli jails were martyred due to the use of excessive force to suppress them, while hundreds were injured by gunshot wounds.

Farwana said in a press statement that among the martyrs, Mohammad Safi Al-Ashqar from Tulkarm, who was martyred on October 22, 2007, in the Negev desert detention due to a bullet wound to the head, and that hundreds of detainees who were peacefully protesting against Deteriorating conditions and ill-treatment, the intervention of the special forces of repression in the prison and excessive use of force against the detainees, which led to the death of "Al-Ashqar" and wounding about (250) detainees.

He said that the use of excessive force against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is no longer a mere routine raid, tampering with private belongings, or a rare, individual and transient assault carried out only by this officer or that policeman, and is no longer an exceptional and seasonal event, or a weekly phenomenon. It has become a regular part of the treatment of detainees, to the extent that it is sometimes repeated within the same prison more than once a day, and many times occur in more than one prison at the same time.

He pointed out that the use of force and the continuous aggression against prisoners aim at confusing the prisoners' conditions and creating a state of instability. Towards accepting the decisions and directives of the prison administration and the de facto policy, especially as this phenomenon has expanded in space and has increased in number and intensified violence in recent years.

He pointed out that the use of excessive force against them under various pretexts, have the blessing and encouragement of the higher authorities in the occupation state, which formed for this purpose special forces of repression known as the forces of "Nakhshon and Dror and Mitsada and Alimaz and others."

Farwana called on all institutions concerned with prisoners, as well as human rights and legal, and the National Committee for the Follow-up of the Criminal Court, to re-file the events and the circumstances of the martyrdom of "Ashqar" and injuring hundreds, and to complete the documentation of all the rationale in a scientific and systematic manner, and to take advantage of the "leaked" videos that document part of it And to take effective action to expose and highlight them, and pressure international institutions to assume their responsibilities and move to protect unarmed Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails.


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