Prisoner Hiba al-Labadi continues to strike and deteriorates in her health

The prisoner and editors' affairs authority announced on Monday the deterioration of the health status of the prisoner Hiba Ahmed al-Labadi (32 years), after continuing her hunger strike for 28 days in a row to reject administrative detention.

"Al-Labadi is in very poor health. She is currently complaining of severe heart pains, tiredness, persistent dizziness, fainting, and stomach pain," it said in a statement. According to "Arabs 48".


She added that "the occupation authorities continue to detain the captive Labadi isolation Jalama under tragic circumstances, where she currently sits in a narrow cell, darkness and ventilation and lighting, filled with moisture and insects, and has four surveillance cameras, and the prison administration refuses to give any personal needs."

The Commission also pointed out that "during the past week was confirmed the administrative detention order issued against her for five months, after a closed hearing in the court 'Ofer' military."

The Commission held the occupation authorities "fully responsible for the life of the Palestinian-Jordanian detainee Labadi, and any repercussions on her health," and called for "the need to intensify legal efforts at the Jordanian and Arab levels to work to end the unfair administrative detention issued against her and release her."

It is noteworthy that besides the captive Labadi detained in Jalama, the occupation authorities are holding another 40 prisoners in harsh conditions in Damoun, in addition to two prisoners sitting in the detention center "Sharon.


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