Declining health conditions of the striking prisoners Ali and Qa´dan

The Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority said in a report that there has been a clear decline in the health status of both of the striking prisoners Ismail Ali and Tareq Qadan, who are currently in isolation of "Ntisan Ramla" in harsh conditions.

Ismail Ali, 30, from Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem, is in a very poor health condition after 89 days of his open hunger strike. It also complains of a sharp drop in heart rate of up to 25%, blurred vision, and loss of more than 20 kg of weight.

She added that it is expected to hold a hearing for the prisoner Ali on 24 of this month in the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem to consider the petition submitted by the Board against the decision of administrative detention.

The Commission warned of the deterioration of the health of the prisoner Tariq Qadan (46 years) from the town of Araba district Jenin governorate, which continues to strike for 82 days in a row.

He complains of weakness, general wasting and chronic aches all over his body, as well as suffering from weight loss and yellowing of the face.

She pointed out that the military court of the occupation recently decided to postpone the consideration of the issue of fixing the administrative detention order issued against the prisoner Qa'dan, until 23 of this month.

It is worth mentioning that besides the two prisoners Ali and Qa'dan four other prisoners continue their fight against administrative detention: the prisoner Ahmed Ghannam, who has been on strike for 99 days, amid a noticeable worsening of his health, and the prisoner Ahmed Zahran, who has been on the 29-day strike, Consecutive, captive Musab al-Hindi, who also continues to strike for the 27th day.


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