The creation of an "alarm" is placed on the forehead of the sleeper to stop snoring

Researchers have designed a new device that can be placed on the sleeper's forehead to treat snoring through vibration when the user moves and sleeps on his back.

The battery-powered device was created to help individuals with sleep apnea (OSA), where soft tissues relax in the throat, partially blocking the airway and causing snoring and apnea, which can block air flow for 10 seconds or more. -What causes insomnia and fatigue during the day.

It is estimated that snoring increases in people who sleep on their backs. Therefore, the innovative device stops vibration when the sleeper is alerted and changes the sleeping position to lie on his side.

The new device measures about 4 square centimeters and weighs about 14 grams (small battery weight). It includes an accelerometer - the same type of technology used in cars to detect faults and release airbags, and in mobile phones to detect movement changes.

Acceleration works the same way, detecting whether the user is sleeping on his side or back.

The device also has a device that starts to vibrate at four levels of increasing intensity, when the sleeper goes to sleep on the back for more than 30 seconds.

The findings of the device, conducted by researchers at the University Hospital of Araba in Spain, led to a 31% decrease in apnea in the first week.

Moreover, the study found that patients admired the idea that the device is lightweight and easy to use, according to the journal "Respiratory Medicine".

The main cause of OSA is obesity because excess fat around the neck can increase pressure on the soft tissues of the neck, mouth and throat.


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