From the picture "Eye" .. Japanese traces his favorite singer and assaulted

Cyber ​​security experts have long warned against posting personal photos on social media sites because they threaten the privacy of the individual and his data, which was highlighted with the arrest of a man who assaulted Mughniyeh after Japanese police succeeded in identifying Its location is through a selfie.

The 26-year-old man was an admirer of the unidentified pop singer, and is keen to follow her posts on social media to try to find out where her apartment is in Tokyo, NHK World reported.

The man has already managed to reach the girl through one of her pictures, he zoomed in to determine the image of the logo of the train station reflected on her eye, and then locate the station through Google Maps.

Indeed, on the night of September 1, the man waited at the station until the girl arrived, and then followed her to her home where he assaulted her.

Authorities succeeded in arresting him through surveillance cameras scattered throughout the place.

This is not the first time that a female singer has been exposed to such a danger, as she was stabbed a young pop singer in Japan in 2016 through a person who followed her on the sites of communication.

The incident caused a sensation because the singer told the authorities that the man had threatened her electronically and provided his name and address, but the police did not act decisively to deter or stop him.


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