"Freedom Ship 3" from Gaza into the world

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

On Sunday evening, Freedom Ship 3 was set to break the siege of Gaza from the Gaza port towards the outside world.

"The time has come to end the siege of the Gaza Strip," said the National movement authority to break the siege at a conference shortly before the launch of the cruise.

"Today's movement is in solidarity with the captains of the first and second freedom ships," she said.

The panel demanded the immediate release of the two captains of the first and second freedom vessels arrested by the occupying forces at sea, while attempting to break the maritime blockade imposed on the strip for years.

"The journey is coming from Gaza to the world, to say we only have this effort, and we can only continue our peaceful popular struggle, to break the siege, end the suffering and lift this injustice, because Gaza deserves life," said UN spokesman Adham Abu-Salma.

The Israeli occupying forces intercepted two cruises from the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the siege of the strip, arresting their crews and releasing them while still arresting the two former captains.


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