23 days after her strike ... Labadi suffers from shortness of breath and heart disorders

The Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority said that the health condition of Hiba al-Labadi (32 years), who has been on hunger strike for 23 consecutive days against her administrative detention, has deteriorated.

The lawyer for the body that visited al-Labadi, said that the detainee suffers from tightness and apnea, severe disorders and sharp pokes in the heart, and dizziness, in addition to the difficulty of speech and significant weight loss.

Al-Labadi continues to boycott prison clinics, or take any form of support or salts, which could expose her to a severe heart attack or dysfunction in one of her vital organs or nerves, according to the lawyer.


The lawyer explained that the detainee lies in a narrow cell, dark and airy, full of moisture and insects, and has four surveillance cameras, and the prison administration refuses to give her any personal needs until she remains in the same clothes and underwear for more than a month.

The Commission warned that the health condition of Heba al-Labadi would deteriorate seriously in the coming days in light of the arbitrary reprisals against the occupation authorities, calling for the need to exert all necessary efforts at the Jordanian and Arab levels to release al-Labadi as she holds Jordanian nationality as well as Palestinian nationality.


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