Palestinian Government: PLO headquarters closes declaration of war on efforts to lay the foundations of peace

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Government of National Accord condemned the US decision to close the PLO office in Washington, declaring it a "declaration of war on efforts to lay the foundations for peace in our country and the region, giving a green light to the occupation in continuing to carry out its bloody policies and the colonization and settlement against our people." and our land  ".

"The Government expresses its regret that the administration of President Tarmb has made such a decision," government spokesman Yusuf al-Mahmoud said.

He pointed out that Israel, which speaks about it (the US closure statement) and describes it as an ally and friend is known today all over the world as (last occupation in history), so the administration of President Treb declares on behalf of America as an ally and friend of the last occupation in history, and supports all His black policies against our people and our occupied Palestinian territory, in blatant defiance of all international norms, laws and covenants.

The spokesperson reiterated that such an approach in U.S. policy is wrong and hostile to our Arab-Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, and will not be able to force our people and leadership to accept such forms of design that they dream of and that are behind the mirage of the administration of American President Trepe, Thus, the United States effort in this context will only leave more tension and anxiety throughout the region.

He called on the free and living world to stand in the face of these new colonial policies.


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