Six prisoners continue to strike, including the captive Labadi

Six prisoners in Israeli jails continue their hunger strike to refuse their administrative detention, including Hiba al-Labadi, the oldest of whom has been on hunger strike for 93 days.

The Prisoners' Club said that the striking prisoners are facing serious health conditions, especially the prisoners Ghannam, Ismail Ali Al-Mudarab (83) days, and Tariq Qa'dan Al-Mudarab (76 days), where they have been held by the Israeli detention centers for several weeks in isolating Nitzan-Ramle. In difficult and compelling circumstances.

Three prisoners continue their hunger strike: Ahmed Zahran, who has been on a hunger strike for 23 days, and Musab al-Hindi, 21, who have been held in the Negev desert detention camp, and Heba al-Labadi, who has been on hunger strike for 21 days. After being subjected to physical and psychological torture in the interrogation before being transferred to administrative detention, he now sits in the cells of al-Jalameh detention center.

The prisoners' club said that the prisoners Ghannam and Ali will be held hearings in the Supreme Court of the occupation during the month, as well as sessions will be held for the Indian prisoner and captive Labadi in military courts.

The prisoners' strike is accompanied by a series of retaliatory measures imposed by the Occupation Detention Administration against them since they declared the strike, in an attempt to break their will and rob them of their humanity, including: depriving their families from visiting them, obstructing visits by lawyers, and repeatedly transferring them to physical exhaustion; In addition to the reprisals carried out by the prisoners against them around the clock, such as repeated searches at night.

The Prisoners Club said that the Israeli occupation authorities deliberately procrastinate in meeting their demands, in an attempt to physically exhaust them and cause them serious illnesses, all suffer from a clear and serious decline in their health conditions, the majority suffer from severe aches throughout the body, and a sharp drop in weight, in addition to wasting And severe weakness.

All go out to visit the lawyer with wheelchairs, including those who have been suffering from vomiting for weeks with gastric juice accompanied by blood.

In this context, the Prisoners Club stressed that the continuation of the issue of strikes against administrative detention is a natural confrontation with the systematic policy of administrative detention, through which the occupation authorities aim to steal the lives of hundreds of prisoners, their future and the future of their families and undermine their political and social role. Their administrative detention has been inconsistent for more than ten years.

It is noteworthy that the number of administrative prisoners in the detention centers of the occupation reached about 450 prisoners, including three prisoners, and at least five minors.


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