"Foreign Ministry" demands the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities towards the deepening of settlements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has called on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities towards deepening settlements.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned in a press statement on Sunday the Israeli occupation authorities announced its intention to build 250 new settlement units to expand the settlements on the lands of citizens south and east of Bethlehem, and seize dozens of dunums of land in the town of Nahalin, west of Bethlehem in favor of settlement expansion and construction of new settlement units.

It considered that these colonial measures are part of the occupation plans aimed at completely separating Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings and turning Palestinian communities and cities into "cantons" separated from each other and linked to the Israeli depth, leading to deepening the settlement tide towards the Jordan Valley in the east, and erasing the Green Line from the side. Western.

It condemned the terrorist attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens, land and property, as happened this morning in the village of Marda in Salfit governorate, and their gangs again attacked the elderly Fadel Hamdan when he confronted them during the theft of olive fruits in the village of Al-Jaba'a south of Bethlehem.

The ministry called on the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary-General and all countries to deal with these violations, which seriously escalate the level of crimes.

She said: The international silence on the crimes committed by the occupying power against the Palestinian citizens, their land, property and sanctities has reached a dangerous stage, pushing the occupation and its various arms to commit more wide crimes, which calls for an awakening of conscience and international ethics that will restore the remaining credibility of the United Nations Its legal responsibilities to our people, and to carry out its obligations to resolve conflicts by political means.

The ministry called for the implementation of the resolutions of the international legitimacy on the situation in Palestine, especially resolution 2334.


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