Find out the secret of Jennifer Aniston´s agility!

Jennifer Aniston is gracefully unparalleled. The 47-year-old star is still a model for youth and vitality.

The main reason for this vitality is the morning drink Aniston drinks before breakfast, a mixture of potassium-rich bananas, blueberries, and cherries with antioxidants that fight the signs of aging, as well as a group of leafy vegetables rich in water and fiber, which achieves Its moisturizing and feeling full for hours.

For a nice touch, it adds cocoa powder to the beverage, in order to support it with antioxidants that increase the effectiveness of all ingredients and give the liquid a good taste.


After drinking this healthy drink, which gives her enough energy, Aniston goes out for a 30-minute ride, then goes on to practice yoga, following the aerobics class.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga reduces muscle strain caused by muscle strain.

3 - Yoga helps in the process of expelling toxins from the areas of the body, which increases the activity, and delay aging.

4 - Yoga increases the flexibility of the body, and gives joints, ligaments and tendons suppleness.

4. Yoga reduces blood pressure.

5 - Yoga tightens the body, and prevent sagging. These benefits can be seen after maintaining yoga.

On Aniston's diet, she is careful not to skip breakfast, especially the aforementioned drink, as well as oats with almond milk, fresh banana pieces, or toast with eggs and avocados.

This meal is integrated and contains fiber and protein in oats, milk and eggs. Bananas and avocados both increase the body's ability to burn fat and are supported by energy, which helps stimulate the body to deal with excess calories.


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