A bloody old serial killer in America admits 93 murders, most of them women

An elderly murderer who confessed to committing 93 murders, most of them "marginalized and vulnerable" women, over the past 35 years is the worst serial killer in the country's history, the FBI has revealed.

Samuel Little, 79, has pleaded guilty to Texas police, while serving a life sentence since his arrest in 2014 for the murder of three Los Angeles women.

The FBI said the convict had so far confessed to a total of 93 murders, mostly women, between 1970 and 2005.

So far, the FBI has linked the murderer to 50 murders, although all the killer's confessions are documented.

The office noted that the man, with a history of criminal activity dating back to his teenage years, chose to kill "marginalized and vulnerable women, who were often involved in prostitution and drug addicts."

The FBI revealed that Samuel's style of killing leaves few signs of a crime, meaning that many of the bodies of his victims have not been identified and that the causes of death are either drug overdose, accident or unspecified.

Samuel's history began with the early murders, since his teenage years, which were "minor crimes" such as theft, fraud and drugs, compared to subsequent crimes.

According to the FBI, investigators believe that all the crimes that Samuel confessed to commit were probably true, and so the FBI has created a website detailing some of the crimes committed, with the murderer's confessions filmed.

The site also includes a timetable of crimes and a map of where they were committed, as well as a series of artist sketches of the victims' profiles, "in the hope that someone will remember the details that could strengthen the investigation."

The FBI pointed out that Samuel is sick and is likely to remain in prison until his death.

Investigators now aim to identify all the victims of the worst serial killer in the United States, in order to achieve justice and resolve all possible cases that have remained so vague.

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