28 thousand settlers stormed Al-Aqsa in the past "Hebrew year "

Jerusalem _ Agencies

A report of an extremist organization encouraging the storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque said there was a rise in the number of settlers who stormed the mosque during the Hebrew Jewish past year, which ended last night and began the new Year today.

According to a report published by the radical Yemeni organization "Yrah ", 28,000 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa during the Hebrew year, up 27 percent from the previous year.

She noted that about 1,000 or more settlers had stormed the Al Aqsa in every month of last year. The so-called "Throne Day" was recorded within a few days less than a week of storming more than 2250 settlers.

The number of settlers who stormed the Aqsa in 2017 was about 25, 628, compared with 14, 626 settlers who broke into it in 2016.


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