Israel plans to set up a huge landfill near Khan al-Ahmar

Israeli authorities plan to set up a huge garbage dump in the Khan al-Ahmar area between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, as well as a factory to recycle part of the waste.

Fakhri Abu Diab, a researcher in Jerusalem affairs, said that the official Israeli establishment will close all its landfills and turn them into a site in the Khan al-Ahmar area, which will have a negative impact on the area, population and the environment. Region.

He pointed out that 900 dunums will be confiscated for the establishment of this landfill, adding that 3500 tons of waste will be diverted daily to that area.

Abu Diab explained that 250-300 trucks dedicated to transporting waste will arrive in the area daily to unload their cargo.

He pointed out that this information was derived from the plans of the Israeli government in Area C and some institutions concerned with the environment and a leftist figure.

It is worth mentioning that the land belongs to the inhabitants of Silwan since it was stopped by Saladin in 1189 and they used it for agriculture and livestock until the Israeli authorities imposed military confiscation on it after 1967.


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