Philippines president blames Trump on his country´s economic hardships

Philippines _ Agencies

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterty on Saturday blamed US president Donald Trump, after inflation in the Asian archipelago reached its highest level in nine years, damaging the image of the great people's president.

Duterty, known for his furious remarks, was a bitter critic of the United States, before changing his tone toward Washington after the rich real estate tycoon was elected president in November 2016.

In response to a question about the inflation rate reaching 4.4 percent in August last August, the highest rate in the country in nine years, which exceeded the expectations of most analysts, Lam Duterti's economic policies for Trump.

"Who started it," he told reporters. America. When America lifted its rates, everyone raised their rates as well. That's how it works. We can't do anything. "

He continued, "because America... Trump wanted it. Even taxes like production taxes have been increased. Even import duties  ".

He later returned to explain that he was not angry at Trump, saying "I'll talk with my friend Trump ". "I'm not blaming the American people for something and I have no slightest criticism against Trump," he stressed.

Duterty, who has already acknowledged that he is not fully aware of the economy, did not give more details on how U.S. economic policies could affect inflation in his country.

Duterty, 73, won a landslide victory in the 2016 elections after a campaign focused on his pledge to rid the community of drugs that claim tens of thousands of lives.

Since taking office, police have said they killed 4354 suspects in drug cases, while a large number were also killed by unidentified assailants, which was criticized by US officials but Trump praised the "great Sadah" with Duterti. Human rights defenders say the total number of deaths in the campaign is 13,000.

Duterty, who is very popular, accused the opposition of exploiting rising inflation and food prices against him.


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