9 Palestinians, including a child, were arrested in the West Bank

 Israeli occupation forces on Sunday arrested nine Palestinians, including a child, in the West Bank.

According to the Prisoners' Club, the Israeli occupation forces arrested five citizens from Hebron: former prisoner Ahmad Khader Al-Hroub, Zaid Ali Atta Khdeirat, Kayed Al-Amayreh, Karim Ibrahim Abu Maria and Ahmed Salibi, who was beaten severely before his arrest.

In the east of Qalqilya, Israeli soldiers arrested 3 Palestinians: Alaa 'Assem Mansour (24), Samer Sa'id Radwan (18) and Mu'ath Islam Radwan (20).

From Tulkarm, Mus'ab 'Abdul Qader Abu al-Shawareb, 14, was arrested.

Israeli soldiers opened fire at a young man near Camp Rachel, north of Bethlehem.


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