Israeli forces arrest Palestinians and seize funds

Israeli forces arrested at least two Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank on Friday.

A statement by the Israeli army, this morning, that his forces arrested Palestinian citizens, who he described as "wanted"; allegedly to carry out activities related to resistance.

In addition, during combing operations it carried out by the Israeli force, in the town of Kafr Jamal south of Tulkarem (north of the occupied West Bank), Israeli soldiers seized money belonging to Palestinian citizens, worth more than 10,000 Israeli shekels (3,000 dollars).

It is worth mentioning that incidents of theft or confiscation of Palestinian funds are repeated on a daily basis in the Occupied Territories, especially during the daily arrests carried out by the Israeli occupation forces.

According to official statistics issued by the Prisoners' Affairs Authority (affiliated to the Palestine Liberation Organization), the number of Palestinian detainees reached 5,700, including 230 children, 48 detainees, 500 administrative detainees (detainees without charge), and 1800 patients, including 700 in need of urgent medical intervention.


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