What social sites are most influential on mental health?

 Facebook has begun testing the concealment of the number of likes appearing on users' posts on its main platform, in a bid to reduce "anxiety and jealousy" that spreads through the platform.

Instagram is also preparing to conduct the same experiment by applying it in seven different countries. This step comes in light of numerous studies that confirm the negative impact of social networking sites on the mental health of users, especially young people.

One recent study found that adolescents who spent more than 3 hours browsing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were more likely to report feelings of anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation, as well as being more aggressive and violent towards others, and exhibited hostile behavior. To the community.

Another study found that browsing social media leads to the body secreting a large amount of stress hormone, and this may later cause addiction to these sites, because social platforms generate so-called "technical stress" for users of these networks.

Recent research has shown that Facebook's step in its applications may be particularly beneficial to the mental health of young people.

Based on the results of these studies, the British Royal Society for Public Health conducted a survey of 479 participants aged 14 to 25, enabling it to rank social networks according to their impact on mental health.

The results show that Instagram is the social media platform that has the most negative impact on the mental state of young people.

Fourteen items were considered to reach that arrangement, including anxiety, depression, loneliness, harassment and opportunities for self-expression.


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