She shipped her phone and slept .. She lost her life

People on social media have long circulated warnings and stories about charging phones for a long time and putting them close to the person, but the warnings turned out to be a scary reality after a teenage girl died of her phone explosion.

Azerbaijani Aloa Asetkizi, 14, had put her phone on her pillow, loaded it and listened to songs at the same time, to surprise her family the next morning with the dead girl.

And because the smartphone remained connected to the charger for a long time, has increased its temperature, which led to the explosion of the battery, causing serious injuries to her head, according to the site "News 24".

The coroner's report confirmed that the cause of death was actually the phone, while local media reports said the teenager died on the spot.

Reports did not reveal the smartphone model that led to the terrible tragedy.


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