Right-wing parties confirm their continued alliance with Likud and continue negotiations to form a government

Israeli right-wing parties confirmed on Wednesday their continued alliance with the Likud party and did not break a deal signed more than two weeks ago that no one would be authorized to form a government other than Benjamin Netanyahu.

This came after a meeting between Netanyahu and the leaders of those parties amid the absence of a leader of the new right-wing party, Naftali Bennett, for unspecified reasons, while attended by the party, Elit Shaked, and their partner from the Jewish Home Party, Rabbi Rafi Peretz.

Netanyahu briefed the audience on his efforts to form a national unity government with a blue-white party, while Yariv Levin and Ze'ev Elkin gave details of the meetings with the negotiating team with a blue-white party and reached a dead end.

During the session, Netanyahu accused Yair Lapid, a leader of a blue-white party, of trying to drag the country into a third election, and prevented Gantz from taking part in a single government.

"The parties stressed the need to continue negotiations to form a government of national unity, even with a blue-white party," the Likud said in a statement.

The party noted that no decision has yet been taken on the re-delegation to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

According to some leaks, the attendees confirmed the postponement of the re-delegation until further notice, and work to resume negotiations with the Gantz party.


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