6 martyrs in September, including a prisoner

 Al-Quds Center documented the martyrdom of six Palestinians during the month of September, including a prisoner and three martyrs in the marches of return in eastern Gaza.

The six martyrs were: Khaled Iyad Al-Rubaie, Ali Samer Al-Ashqar, Mohammed Fawzi Al-Najjar, Samer Awad Othman (Preparation and Equipment) from Gaza, and Bassam Al-Sayeh from Nablus and Nayfa Mohammed Kaabneh from Jericho.

The Jerusalem Center for the Study of Israeli and Palestinian Affairs, said that the number of martyrs since Trump declared Jerusalem, the capital of the occupation state, on the sixth of December 2017, has risen to 480 martyrs, including 102 children, 18 women and 6 with special needs, while 28 martyrs The elements of resistance during the preparation and preparation, and 72 martyrs as a result of the Israeli bombing.

The statistics showed that the martyrs of the marches of return on the eastern Gaza border, which started on 30/3/2018 on the occasion of Earth Day, the number rose to the end of August 2019 to 255 martyrs, including two journalists, and four members of medical staff.


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