An Indian gives birth to a baby girl with four legs and three arms.

An Indian woman gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in a rare case where the girl was born with three arms and four legs after being joined by another child in the womb during the months of pregnancy.

At a hospital in Tonk, Rajasthan, Raju had a 24-year-old boy and a girl with a normal birth; the boy was born in good health and physical condition; the girl was born strangely, with four legs and three hands covering her entire chest and abdomen.

Doctors confirmed that Ms. Raju had a third child in her abdomen who joined one of his brothers and united with her in one body inside the uterus, which resulted in that case.

The baby, once born, had a breathing problem and doctors put her on a respirator and her condition is now stable.

Raju and her husband Badhulal Gujar work two daily wages and were waiting for their first child;

Doctors who supervise the baby's condition say they feel sorry for the baby and the initial diagnosis gives hope that these limbs can be surgically removed.


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