A traveler smokes a cocaine cigarette on a plane (video)

Denver authorities in Colorado have detained a passenger after he made an emergency landing on American Airlines for smoking cocaine.

Just one hour after the plane took off from Phoenix to Minneapolis, the intercom official told passengers they were landing in Denver because of a security problem on the plane.

According to the passengers' testimony, a white man was seen sitting in his chair smoking a cigarette of cocaine and then got up from his seat, reportedly closing himself in the bathroom.

The flight attendants tried to persuade the man to get out, but he remained in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, but only five minutes before the plane landed and returned to his seat, witnesses reported that he was very nervous.

The moment the authorities entered the plane, the man pulled a narcotic cigarette to smoke. The pilot, during intercom, ordered passengers in the first 13 rows to get out of the plane so the authorities could arrest the man.

As they moved, the man beat a passenger in the head, but the authorities managed to arrest him and his leaders away, and the plane continued its journey to Minneapolis after two hours.

According to Denver security officers, the traveler was taken to hospital to suspect his health, and it is not known whether he will be charged with anything.

American Airlines issued a statement thanking those people who helped deal with the situation.


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