Ghadir Jaber: Israel urges steps to fully Judaize Palestinian curricula

 Israel is urging steps, through the Ministry of Education and the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem, to fully Judaize Palestinian curricula, targeting an entire generation we are betting on in building the building blocks of our independent state. But in the midst of the struggle for identity and presence with us decades ago, Israel has not tired of inventing the dirtiest means of striking this generation in its national memory, focusing on the new youth, the students of basic grades whose political consciousness has not yet formed. In this context, it operates its poisoned place in the minds of our students, cultivates the image of the Israeli flag and anthem, removes their childish consciousness from the name of Palestine and replaces it with historical Israel, which means more than a distortion. This state was established and on what ruins built its first courses.

In order to pass this plan, which means the removal of a whole Palestinian class in Jerusalem from the rest of the Palestinian society spreading throughout the homeland, says Ghadeer Jaber, head of education file at the National People's Congress in Jerusalem: Israel used the weapons of money to seduce some school principals and teachers and keep them away from their national identity and thus fall The trap of the occupation security establishment is to make the new generation only belong to the occupation state and not to recognize the legitimacy of the Palestinian leadership or something called Palestine.

Jaber, in charge of this file by the Secretary-General of the Conference, Major General Bilal Natsheh, said: "There is no doubt that some of the weak souls who are looking for money in the first place have accepted themselves to participate and participate in this battle against the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem. Israel's comprehensive presence on the Palestinian presence on the homeland.

The National Popular Congress of Jerusalem called in a statement issued at the beginning of the new academic year school principals, teachers and students not to accept the passage of this scheme even if this led to hunger or civil disobedience, stressing that the national identity and preservation of Arab and Palestinian Jerusalem requires our sacrifices big .

Documented file ....

In this context, says Jaber, who worked on the preparation of a complete file supported by documents on the distortion and change of the Palestinian curriculum by Israel: At the beginning of the Israeli Ministry of Education deleted the image of the Palestinian flag from some books and in a subsequent step distorted some sentences and dialogues. Thus, in a move aimed at robbing the young generation of its national memory and replace it with a completely Jewish memory based on myths that do not exist in history.

She adds that there are some schools that receive allocations from the municipality have surrendered to this matter and are studying the Israeli curriculum, while the majority of Arab schools are still committed to the Palestinian curriculum and the national line, which enhances the Palestinian identity in the memory of students from primary grades to high school.

Race against time ....

The official in charge of education file at the National People's Congress that Israel is working in a race against time to change the core of the Palestinian curriculum over the coming years to become a purely Jewish curriculum within the framework of the occupation plan to Judaize Jerusalem, land and people, a policy that we believe will not succeed as long as there is a national awareness of In return, the Palestinian leadership, through the Ministry of Education and its director in Jerusalem, must support Arab schools in the holy city at all levels to miss the opportunity of the occupying power to achieve its malicious goals.


In 2011, Israel stepped up its attacks on Palestinian curricula. The municipal administration attempted to impose these curricula on private schools that receive financial aid from the Israeli municipality. This step was met with the rejection of local community institutions and school administrations as well as public and official rejection. The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education issued a book warning against reprinting and distributing its books.

The Israeli municipality re-attempted to impose the distorted curriculum by distributing books free of charge.

At the time, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced its decision to distribute books free of charge to all students in Jerusalem, regardless of the point of supervision.

In the academic year 2017/2018, the municipality reoccupied the ball in distorting the new Palestinian curriculum that was adopted.

Some books targeted by distortion and deletion ....

The book of national and social upbringing for the fourth grade, part one, is a sample of the municipality's occupation of distortion and change of facts through the distortion of the Palestinian curriculum.

It is worth mentioning that the materials deleted from the books include all the curricula that have been subjected to the deletion of everything related to science and identity and love of the homeland and the right to defend it and the right of return and jihad for the sake of God Palestinian Authority.

Among the omitted articles are, for example, “The House of Poetry about Jihad:“ If Jihad is able to speak out to your club, bring it in our security. ” Also the subject of an expression entitled: "Redemption and sacrifice is a national duty. All these materials were omitted from the reading material and the texts of the eighth and ninth students basic and tenth.

In the Arabic language for the sixth grade, the subject of the expression was deleted: "The Israeli occupation of Jerusalem, the Judaization of the Holy City, the destruction of houses and the displacement of the population." And from the civic education of the first grade of the basic Palestinian flag was omitted from the sixth grade the name of the Umayyad currency and from the ninth grade the basic name of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been deleted from the history and objectives of the Zionist movement. From the sixth grade, the names of the continents and the Arab world were removed from the map.

From the subject of geography for the ninth grade was deleted the paragraph "the work of colonialism before and after World War I to divide the Arab world into several countries to facilitate control and impose many agreements to achieve this, including Sykes-Picot and the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Convention." In the subject of national and social upbringing, the first part of the fourth grade has been omitted the slogan of the Palestinian National Authority and has been distorted in the objectives of the lesson. In the first goal, the "patriotism of Palestine" was deleted and replaced with the phrase "the extension of the country and neighboring countries in the Levant region" In the second goal was deleted "patriotism of Palestine" and so on.

Being a capitalist state and an occupying state with a privilege planted in the side of the Arab world through the land of historic Palestine, Israel, as one of the great philosophers said, would make all things a commodity (religion, art, literature), and take away its holiness.


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