Surf the Internet privately with Firefox Private Network

The Mozilla Foundation announced that it has begun a public beta test of its service to the Firefox browser, which is based on what looks like a VPN (VPN) services to allow users - in the United States currently exclusively - to try it before officially launching it to all. Users.

Mozilla allows users in the new Firefox Beta Test program to try new products and services before they are officially launched.The Firefox Private Network beta, as it officially calls it, has become the first new project in the program, available to Firefox desktop users.

VPN services provide the user with privacy in surfing the Internet, encrypting web traffic, and providing a secure browsing experience without snoopers knowing their address.

Firefox Private Network is not a VPN service, and Firefox does not claim it. The service will only encrypt the web traffic that Firefox handles on your desktop. Unlike real VPN services, Firefox will not protect your data. That are handled by other applications with an Internet interface such as email client and Spotify applications or online games.

However, Firefox Private Network will still be very useful when your laptop uses an open Wi-Fi network in a public place, such as in an airport cafe or lounge.

If you're connected to a website that doesn't use secure https connections, Firefox Private Network will make it impossible for other users on the same WiFi network to know what you're doing. The service also hides your IP address, making it difficult for web followers to work.

It remains to be seen how long the beta test will continue, or whether Firefox Private Network will remain free.

Mozilla's press release indicates that the probationary period will last "several months" before it can explore possible pricing options, and did not say whether it will offer a mobile version.


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