Actor Brad Pitt talks to a real astronaut after his role in a science fiction film

 Actor Brad Pitt will have the chance to talk to a real astronaut aboard the International Space Station after playing a role as an astronaut in his latest film, NASA said on Sunday. .

The 55-year-old Pete will discuss how to live and work in space, the agency said in an interview with US astronaut Nick Hague on Monday.

In the film "Ad Astra," Pete wandered through the solar system, including the moon and Mars.

"The parallels between the film and the current state of human space flight stop there, making the film a science fiction far from reality," NASA said in the press release.

Haig and colleagues at the International Space Station watched the film in their spare time.

Although NASA was not mentioned in the film, the agency provided photographs of the film and some technical expertise. NASA said it also reviewed the Ad Astra scenario at the start of its production.

NASA, which plans to bring astronauts back to the moon in the next five years, often offers its expertise in space-based films.

She has previously made photographs of science fiction films, including Martian, Interstellar and Graffiti, as part of her efforts to spark interest in space exploration.


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